Your Halloween Costumes – Think of Them As an Investment

Wondering if you should spend more on your costume this year or get a cheap Halloween costume and not be happy with it just because it was cheap? On the flip side, perhaps you already purchased that expensive Halloween costume and kicking yourself wondering why you did it. Take a look at the 3 Rs for Halloween costumes that can help ease your mind: Recycle, Reuse and Role play.

Recycling Your Costume

Recycle your Halloween outfits by giving your, for example, pirate costume that you wore last year to your brother-in-law or co-worker. If you don’t want to give it away, you can lend it to them and take it right back after they have cleaned it. You have got to admit that at least it won’t sit in your closet growing mold and regret.

You may also want to donate your mermaid costume to the local thrift shop and get a nice little tax write-off in the process for your donation. Now, your initial expense is not as much as you thought it was, right?

Reuse Your Halloween Outfits

You can reuse your outfit at other costumed events and parties this season not just at your Halloween costume party. It does not have to be a pumpkin outfit to wear to a Thanksgiving theme party but you could and you will probably be the center of attention.

Take your pirate costume, and tell them that your sword was instrumental in the creation of the family feast and without it there would be no Thanksgiving. Be creative. For the most part though, try to be a little more creative integrating your costume out of respect for the theme.

Host your own costume party or themed dinner parties and take full control of the theme so you can be sure that it centers around your costume. You can have a theme party for just about any occasion: birthdays, retirement, movie premiers, any kind of celebration, make one up!

Keep the theme broad so your guests can be creative and not burdened by a restrictive party theme that you concocted just so you could wear your pirate costume. Instead of a Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – At World’s End theme, how about an ocean theme? More Little Mermaid costumes than crabby crabs costumes will likely grace your party!

Here are a few more Halloween costume ideas that you can use to further validate your investment. These are mainstream and popular ideas that you can use at parties, social events and gatherings throughout the year.

Who-Dunnit Murder Mystery Game Party
Renaissance Fairs and Festivals
Civil War Re-Enactments

Role play In Your Sexy Halloween Costume

Sexy costumes for Halloween used in role playing really goes hand-in-hand. Often, we do not necessarily think of our Halloween outfits in that way. Role playing should not be confined to the time of Halloween.

If you plan in advance, you can take your couples Halloween costume ideas and creatively use the same Halloween outfits in role play throughout the year. As an example, say that you chose a sailor costume and pair it with a pirate costume, you could both be captains, captain and first mate, two sailors, captain and a mermaid costume or mermaid and merman are some of the costume ideas that come to mind.

So, really, there is no reason why you should not get that one special Halloween costume that you really want this year. Think of it as an investment in your quality of life.

The Stay at Home Business Mom’s Guide to Free Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the fastest growing form of advertising, period. While this may sound very promising, as a Stay At Home Business Mom you need to know the secrets of successful online marketing to take your business to the next level. Just like in any traditional marketing campaign you need all the right ingredients to succeed. Online marketing is more cost effective and creates a stronger rate of return on investment compared to traditional mediums.

The learning curve in online marketing is huge and can cost you a fortune if you don’t know the basics. That is why I included a list of some basic FREE internet marketing strategies to help new and prospective Stay At Home Business Moms gain greater insight to the range of strategies necessary for a successful online marketing campaign.

There are numerous marketing methods that you must consider including into your marketing campaign. With diversity, your chance of increasing traffic and boosting sales also increase. The single most important goal that you need to focus on is how to increase the number of quality back links pointing back to your website. Here follows a list of commonly used free ways of achieving this goal.

Article Marketing

A very effective method is to utilize media marketing in which you write articles and other content relevant to your industry to be published. You will have an opportunity to include your website URL and anchor text in the Resource box at the end of the article, thus creating another back link to your site.

Social Online Marketing

Social online marketing is not only a popular and effective strategy of marketing, but it is easy and fun. By promoting yourself and your company into the online community (outside of your own website) you are participating in social online marketing. Social online marketing requires the use of social networking sites such as My Space, Face Book, Digg, Blogger and You Tube to add/edit content for others to be able to access.

In social marketing communities it is understood that you are involved in a two-way relationship. So make sure that you provide your reader with valuable information BEFORE you start promoting your business. The simplified approach to online marketing is to select a few tools that fit your business and your customers, build your online presence, and develop relationships with current and potential customers through conversation.

Website Directories

Another great way of increasing your back links is to submit your website to the thousands of website directories out there. To find a list of directories, go to Google and search for ‘add your link’ or ‘add your URL’.

Exchanging Links

This is also another way of creating back links although it is not as popular as the previous methods listed. During link exchanges, two back links are created. One from your site to the other party’s site and vice versa.

Planning Your Marketing Campaign

Brainstorming about your Online Marketing goals should include research of your target demographic and your key competitors. By researching your leading competitors you can gain knowledge of how they have tackled Online Marketing. Many Online Marketing attempts can be found just by performing a link search of their website. A marketing plan helps you define how you are going to interact with your customers and what marketing activities you will undertake to delight those same customers

The key to online marketing is in developing a diverse marketing plan which takes advantage of several approaches to deliver your message. My advice is that you combine all the above marketing tools to help your Stay At Home Moms Business reach its marketing goals.

Reasons For Investing Into Travel Insurance

Many of us would have heard about travel insurance before, especially those who travel frequently. Yet there are many first time travelers as well as experienced travelers who are contemplating if they should invest in travel insurance. Well, this article will serve to refresh certain benefits which may be forgotten or overlooked by frequent travelers as well as to introduce some benefits of investing into travel insurance.

Now, whether you are traveling to nearby states or to countries abroad, you should seriously consider getting travel insurance. Sad to say that very often insurance is deemed as an extra cost incurred for something that would not happen and therefore is easily overlooked. As quoted by Abraham Joshua Heschel – “The course of life is unpredictable, no one can write his autobiography in advance”, which clearly states that we do not know what will happen next in life and therefore insurance is essential as it gives protection against any unexpected misfortunes along the way.

There are numerous reasons and benefits of getting travel insurance but basically it is to protect and cover the assured when something goes wrong. There are many comprehensive travel insurance packages in the market which can be easily accessible online. The rates offered by different insurance companies are affordable, especially when it comes to medical coverage which is so nominal as compared to the hefty charges for medical treatment overseas. If you already have medical insurance, ensure that there is no double coverage. Medical insurance can be bought for just the trip itself or for longer durations, depending on your requirements.

Among the many different types of travel insurance packages, the coverage for delay and loss of luggage is very popular. Others are namely, cancellation of flights, loss of personal belongings, theft, medical, accidents and so on. If you are a sports person and into skiing or mountain climbing, evacuation insurance is ideal because in the event of any mishaps and you need to be rescued, this coverage will pay for the high cost involved. As for those going on a cruise or joining an organized tour group, you may wish to consider getting insurance to cover for trip cancellation just in case you or one of your family members fall sick unexpectedly. And if you are traveling in a group, do check out for group coverage for cheaper premiums.